HALAL Malaysia

Halal food certification signifies the food is in accordance with Muslim culinary customs from slaughter, processing, to production. It is an important symbol for Muslims to identify Halal food and avoid infringement of the Muslim diet. For non-Muslims, Halal food can also be deemed as high quality food as it upholds being both Halal and hygienic due to requirements of halal certification.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the current global "food safety control system" which recognized as the most effective and proactive food hygiene program. The manufacturing process is thoroughly analyzed under the program from raw ingredients to completion for possible hazard. Based on the probability of harm and seriousness, crucial control points will be set to prevent and control undesired occurrences. The program’s goal is to affirm product safety and improve the food industry level.


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is initiated to reduce human errors, prevent contamination, and avoid quality recession in the food manufacturing process. In short, it is the establishment of a self-assurance quality control system. Food GMP is widely well received by consumers and food producers alike, while currently being implemented in United States, Japan, UK, Singapore and other advanced countries.

ISO 22000 :2005

ISO 22000 is a specifies requirement for whose an organization in the food chain, need to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazard in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of human consumption.


MeSTI is a food safety program initaited by the Ministry of Health to establish a system to maintain food hygiene and monitor production processes to ensure food safety and traceability. The MeSTI specification is an important cornerstone that paves ways for Malaysian SMEs to become qualified food exporters.

The Malaysia Book of Records

The Malaysia Book of Records is a program greatly encouraged by the government to have private sectors actively participated as part of the ongoing "Vision 2020" national development program. Being “The First Bean Curd Manufacturer to be certified by ISO22000: 2005", we have gloriously marked our record.